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Raw Reset

Updated: Apr 14

I am so happy you are joining me in the raw reset.To help you prepare I've put together some helpful suggestions and things you need to know so you can be ready for your reset.

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What you need to know:

1. Meals will be delivered or picked up on Sunday night and Wednesday night between 4pm-6pm. Please be prompt as the store closes at 6pm on Sundays.

Pick up location: Pomegranate Market 4815 S Louise Ave Sioux Falls SD 57106

2. Your meals will be in a reusable tote bag. Each day you receive delivery please set out your old bag along with any mason jars on your front porch.

3. When the Reset is finished please drop off all Bags and mason jars at Pomegranate market or request pick up for the following Monday. Leave your bag on the front porch for the driver to pick up.

4. All plastic food containers can be recycled.

5. If you have any food allergies or an intolerance please let Emily know prior to Friday the 14th so modifications can be made. All meals are raw, vegan, soy free, and gluten free.

Nuts and seeds are used in some meals.

6. If you need a list of ingredients for any or all of your meals please reach out to Emily via e-mail and they will be provided to you.

7. Be sure to join the private Facebook group for community support and additional information on detoxification, immune support, raw food healing, and long term success. Click the link below to join.

Facebook Raw Reset Group

8. Smoothies

The smoothies are ready to blend. Keep them in the freezer until you are ready to drink them. Remove the lid and add water, coconut water, or nut milk. (avoid soy milk if possible) Once the frozen fruit loosens up pour the contents into a high speed blender.

5 Day Reset Menu:

Day 1

Breakfast: Watermelon Mint juice

Mid Morning: Chocolate Maca Chia Smoothie

Lunch: Apple Pecan Salad with Fig Balsamic

Snack: Berries and Chia Pudding

Dinner: Turnip Curry Burger with Mango Chutney

Day 2

Breakfast: Spiced Pineapple Juice

Mid Morning: Wild Blueberry Cucumber Smoothie

Snack: Fruit Salad with Cashew Whip

Lunch: Thai Salad

Dinner: Tomato Basil Tart

Day 3

Breakfast: Honeydew Grape Juice

Mid Morning: Carrot Cake Smoothie

Snack: Veggies and Nacho Cheeze dip

Lunch: "Bak'n" Avocado Ranch Salad

Dinner: Toasted Sesame Broccoli Salad

Day 4

Breakfast: Green Apple Juice

Mid Morning: Strawberry Guava Smoothie

Lunch: Cucumber Sesame Salad

Snack: Tomato Basil Flax Crackers

Dinner: Watermelon Poke Bowl

Day 5

Breakfast: Orange Ginger Juice

Mid Morning: Pineapple Detox Smoothie

Lunch: Spring Salad with Strawberry poppyseed dressing

Snack: Lemon Apricot Grawnola Bars

Dinner: Zoodles and Marinara with Neat Ballsemon Juice

Mid Morning: Caramel Apple Smoothie

Lunch: Pineapple Pico with Cashew Crema

Snack: Italian Herb Bread with Avocado Pesto

Dinner: Meze Bowl with Falafel and Olive Tapenade

Enhancing your 5 day reset:

1. Drink plenty of water!

This may seem simple enough but when we focus on how much water we actually consume it may be less than ideal. I recommend a minimum of 120 ounces per day. Make it fun by adding some lemon slices, mint leaves, or sliced fruit. Drinking enough water will help your body flush out toxins that may be released during the 5 day reset as well as help ease digestion and improve nutrient absorption. I recommend drinking 32 oz of warm water with 1 full squeezed lemon juice first thing in the morning to prime your digestion and internal organs for receiving the vitamins and to optimize function.

2. Practice intermittent fasting.

Only eating during an 8-10 hour window of time each day. For example you may chose to start eating at 8am and stop at 6pm. Fasting can be a wonderful way to help your body detox and rejuvenate.When our bodies and not working on digesting food they are repairing and healing.So giving your body a break and time to go to work for you is so important for healing to take place.

3. Drink green tea in place of coffee. If you are a huge coffee person I get it. These are suggestions not rules. So do what you feel i