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Vegan for food lovers


I am raw chef Emily the founder of the Bee Loved Kitchen. My inspiration behind creating delicious raw gourmet meals is to help others incorporate more living foods into their diets to promote healing from within. Raw foods have been known to heal, rejuvenate, detox, and help prevent chronic diseases. And in my personal story I share about how my body healed itself through eating a high raw diet.


You don't have to be a raw vegan to enjoy my meals and everyone could use more whole plant-based foods in their daily lives.


I offer healing vegan meals delivered right to your door as well as in home private chef services.

Because eating healthy should be convenient and delicious.

So start eating food as beautiful and vibrant as you.


I wasn't always vegan. And I surely wasn't always in good health. My body suffered from various health issues  such as: malabsorption, cystic acne, asthma, poor digestion, chronic head aches, anemia, fatigue, low energy, and excess body fat.

Even though I felt that I ate healthy and did my best with exercise my body just seemed stuck in the same place.

I was counting calories and restricting my food while doing tons of cardio. I bought every Jillian Micheals workout DVD I could find and was willing to try any diet in hopes to lose weight and take control of my health.

When I discovered my daughter and I both had food allergies and intolerances that were contributing to many or our health problems, I threw away all the food in our house and switched to a plant-based diet overnight.



Within a few weeks I had more energy, I was able to run without getting short of breath, my head aches were gone, and my skin started to clear up. Not only did my health improve but I started losing weight effortlessly without counting calories or restricting food. My body was telling me that it was happy and I could feel the difference happening on the inside.

What I came to realize was that it's not just about the quantity of food we eat but more about the quality. When you eat food higher in vitamins and nutrients your body can absorb and use those foods to heal, cleanse, and detox.

I never imagined that something as simple as making switches in what I ate could change my life and my health forever. It would feel silly to me now to go back to eating animal products to invite back all those health issues I have long forgotten for a simple temporary pleasure.

It has nearly 10  years now since I made the switch and have fallen in love with the food I eat and the way it makes me feel. I truly enjoy this lifestyle and creating high quality raw meals that others can enjoy too.

DSC_0147 (2).JPG

Inspired by my transformation, and a heart to help others, I became a raw food chef and am serving my local community. Wether you are vegan or not we can all eat more high nutrient raw fruits and vegetables. My job is making them taste absolutely delicious.

I still enjoy ice cream, cookies, breads, and desserts. I simply found a way to make all of those sweets healthy, fully raw, and packed with living vitamins.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to change your life, improve your health, and enjoy doing it?

Check out my menu and choose what works best for you.



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