Ready for a reset?

Join the raw movement and give your body five full days of high quality nutrient-dense meals made by a raw food chef. Over 60 people have now completed this 5 day reset since the beginning of the year and many have repeated it multiple times.


The focus on these five days  is to reset your digestion, boost metabolism, improve energy, pack in loads of vibrant raw fruits and vegetables, and promote gentle detox.


Enjoy each day:

- Morning juice

- breakfast smoothie

- 2 entrees

- 1 snack


The meal plan will give you a variety of nutrients and superfoods to keep you full and satisfied.

It's not so much about the quantity you eat but rather the quality.


" Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food"

- Hyppocrates



Delivery and Pick up options available to meet your needs.

Meals will be delivered on Sunday night, and wednesday night between 5pm-7pm


Meals are packaged in recyclable containers and mason jars.

Please rinse out your mason jars and return each day and set out on your porch in the bee loved kitchen bag so they can be reused.


5 Day Summer Reset

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  • 5 Day Summer Reset Menu:

    Day 1

    Breakfast: Glowing green juice

    Snack: Blueberry spinach smoothie

    Lunch: Mandarin orange salad with blackberry ginger vinaigrette

    Snack: Almond rosemary crackers

    Dinner: Zoodle pasta with fresh marinara and hemp seeds


    Day 2

    Breakfast: Watermelon mint juice

    Snack: Tropical protein smoothie

    Lunch: Sweet and citrus chop salad

    Snack: Super food energy bites

    Dinner: Curry burger with mango chutney


    Day 3

    Breakfast: Celery grape juice Snack:

    Pineapple strawberry smoothie

    Lunch: Tabbouleh with olive tapanade and hummus

    Snack: Chia pudding parfait

    Dinner: Falafel salad with lemon tahini sauce


    Day 4

    Breakfast: Beet apple lemon juice

    Snack: Triple antioxidant smoothie

    Lunch: Tomato basil soup

    Snack: Corn chips and salsa

    Dinner: Taco salad with nacho cheeze


    Day 5

    Breakfast: Carrot apple ginger juice

    Snack: Heavy metal detox smoothie

    Lunch: Pad Thai salad

    Snack: Sprouted buckwheat protein bars

    Dinner: Rainbow veggie rolls with orange peanut sauce

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