Can't join in for the full 21 days? No worries my friend. We have designed a plan just for you. Catch a full 5 days of healing meals delivered right to your door along with a private facebook group to help you stay motivated, make new connections, get your questions answered, and meet the chefs and creators behind it all.


Things you can expect:

-Improve your mindset around food

-Eliminate cravings

-Feel more energized

-Improve sleep

-Improve digestion

-Gentle detox

-Lose weight and keep it off

-Eat delicious living food



- Healing meals delivered to your door prepared by an experienced raw food chef. Daily meals include: 1 juice, 1 smoothie, lunch, dinner, and snack.

-2 deliveries a week to keep your meals fresh. (Sunday, Wednesday, )

-Facebook support group and coaching

-Live check-ins with Raw Chef Emily and Raw Chef Carla

-Raw food talk and important tips for success and nutritional healing

-Plant-based eating lessons and tricks

-Community Support -Q&As




Meals are packaged in recyclable containers and mason jars.

Please rinse out your mason jars and return each day and set out on your porch in the bee loved kitchen bag so they can be reused.


WEEK 3 Raw Transformation